Photos courtesy of Lynn Rodrigue


This year’s Wildman’s Rodeo & Stomp will go down on the books as that ‘super, smoking hot year’ and so this year’s THANK YOU is extra special because of everyone’s dedication that helped at the Wildman’s, it was truly a challenge!  There wouldn’t be a Wildman’s Rodeo & Stomp without the support of an amazing team!  We would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to the following for your time, effort and talents....


Henry Spruit, Gary Earle, Ron Gibson, Ron Fitzgerald, Ottawa Crane – you guys rocked it!! What an incredible result, thanks to you!!!


Capital City Biker’s Church – thank you for your service to our community, Marie France & Lindy, Steph, Linda and the others that lent their time to the T-Shirt Shack.  Heather Morin at NDDesign, Stan Tibben, Sherry Fairbairn, Gary Locke, James Taylor, Doug Taylor & the ladies of CCBC– for the Saturday evening meal, Todd Clapp –Mr. Friday Night, Megan Morley & all those who gave their time on the gate,  Hammer & Charity for the addition to the mannequin collection – you’re kinda twisted, but, we love it!!  Roger Richardson & Alan Miller & the tub race crew, Nelia, Mike “Grinder” Maloney- for the incredible works of art that we have the privilege to present to the winners, Lynne Rodrigue – always amazing, THE SWITZER’S, Christina, Nikki Mc, Wyatt, Gary’s Automotive, the local community and our understanding neighbours!


Also, a big THANK YOU to those that dove in at the last minute to help with set ups, tear downs, welding etc.... We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…this weekend was another example of the brotherhood and goodwill that exists within our motorcycle community, that we are so proud to be part of!!


Dave & Tammy